Paint and Coating

Western Engineering manufacturers a complete range of Mixtec mixers and agitators for the paint, ink and surface coatings industry. Based on 40 + years of experience they understand the requirements and the often hazardous environments.

High Speed Dispersers for dispersing powders and rapid dissolving of solids, reduces particle size by attrition. Direct drive models available from 7.5 kW to 22 kW, belt driven models up to 150 kW with an option for a pot scraper and oscillation between 2 mixing pots. Typically used to produce mill base and can be further utilised for final product blending.

Top Entry Mixers and Agitators for blending of products in tanks. Typically used in let down tanks for final paint blending which frees up the HSD to produce more mill base.

Emulsifiers and Emulsifying Pumps provide higher shear than High Speed Disperser’s and are used for more challenging solid-liquid dispersions and emulsions which High Speed Dispersers cannot adequately process. They promote fast homogenization, de-agglomeration and emulsification.

IBC Mixers and Drum Mixers for re-suspending products by the end user prior to application, available with electric or pneumatic air powered motors.

Twin Shaft Mixers with Anchor Arms used for complete mixing of products, they have an HSD and outer anchor arms moving product from the tank wall to the shear disc. They provide high shear agitation and laminar bulk flow within a wide viscosity range: from water like to several thousand centipose.

Product Press for assisting the pack out of very high viscosity products by applying pressure to the product to force it through the outlet, they are hydraulically powered. Used for fillers, epoxy resin, and any very viscous products.