Western Engineering manufacturers a complete range of Mixtec mixers and agitators for the chemical industry. Based on 20 + years of experience they understand the requirements and have options available for chemical resistance and tank sealing for reactor vessels.

Top Entry Mixers and Agitators  for manufacturing and blending a wide variety of products in tanks. Typical applications include manufacturing of adhesives, cleaning products, timber treatment products, liquid fertiliser, agricultural chemicals, resin manufacture, and many more.

Side Entry Mixers and Agitators for large storage tanks, or silos, providing gentle tank turnover rates to maintain the homogeneity of the product and prevent settling of any solids content. Typical applications include storage of chemical blends, tool oil, bio diesel, adhesives, resins, and fuel oils.

High Speed Dispersers for dispersing powders and rapid dissolving solids, reduces particle size by attrition. Typically used with difficult to dissolve additives and for breaking down particle size, eg.   adhesive manufacture, liquid fertiliser manufacture, resin manufacture, etc.

Emulsifiers and Emulsifying Pumps provide higher shear than HSD’s and are used where a HSD does not provide sufficient shear or for emulsifying immiscible products.

Anchor or Gate Mixers used for mixing high viscosity products at low speed, they provide good movement at the tank wall giving excellent heat transfer in heating or cooling applications. Typically used for very mixing high viscosity products such as adhesives, gel products, etc.

Instamix Static Mixers for pipeline blending and mixing with no moving parts. Typical applications include chemical additions to water flow, and blending 2 liquid streams.

Ribbon Blenders provide rapid blending of dry powders and granular products. Typical applications include blending of powdered and granulated fertilisers, dry powder detergents, etc.

Product Press for assisting the pack out of very high viscosity products by applying pressure to the product to force it through the outlet, they are hydraulically powered. Used for adhesives, fillers, epoxy resin, very viscous hand cleaner, creams and lotions.