Mining & Refining

Western Engineering’s technology partner, Mixtec South Africa, is the leading supplier of mixers for the mining and petroleum industries having been involved in many of the world’s largest projects. That same technology and experience from thousands of installations is available in New Zealand via Western Engineering.

Top Entry Mixer and Agitators with abrasion resistant materials and coatings. Typically used in mining applications during leaching, carbon in pulp adsorption, biological leaching, flotation, conditioning, solvent extraction, autoclaves and attrition scrubbing.

Heavy Duty Side Entry Mixers and Agitators for large storage tanks providing tank turnover rates to maintain the homogeneity of the product and prevent settling of any solids content. Typically used in the refining industry where there is blending of miscible fluids or any contents which are likely to settle to the tank floor.

Instamix Static Mixers for pipeline blending and mixing with no moving parts. Typical applications include liquid chemical additions to main pipeline flow and blending 2 liquid streams.