Western Engineering manufacturers a complete range of hygienic Mixtec mixers and agitators for the food manufacturing industry. Based on 20 + years of experience supplying mixers to the food industry they understand the requirements and hygiene standards.

Top Entry Mixers and Agitators for manufacturing and blending a wide variety of products in tanks. Typical applications include solids suspension in storage and pack out tanks, sauce and stock production, cooking kettle agitation (often in conjunction with an anchor mixer) and sugar syrup.

Zeta GmbH Magnetic Drive Mixers top and bottom entry mixers for hygienic applications with no tank penetration.

High Speed Dispersers for dissolving difficult to dissolve products and floating powders. Typical applications include the addition of gum like products, reconstituting powders and production of batter type products.

Emulsifiers and Emulsifying Pumps  provide high shear mixing. Typical applications include the addition of flavours, gums, sugar and other powders in-line, emulsifying solids in sauces and soups and emulsifying immiscible liquids such as oil and water, egg yolk and oil for mayonnaise manufacturing. These can be used in conjunction with anchor and top entry mixers in kettles.

Anchor or Gate Mixers & Kettle Mixers used for mixing high viscosity products at low speed, they provide good movement at the tank wall giving excellent heat transfer in cooking and cooling applications, available with and without scrapers. Typical applications include sauce and soup cooking, chocolate melting and storage, and cooking kettles for casserole type products. Often used in conjunction with emulsifiers and/or top entry mixers.

Can be supplied as dual shaft with counter/contra rotating impeller.

Also available in horizontal layout with scrapers for kettles cooking meat pie filling and similar chunky products.

Vertical Ribbon Blenders are for special applications with very high viscosity products, top entry mounted. They create excellent tank turnover rates and good surface movement at the wall of the tank resulting in excellent heat transfer. Typically used for blending and crystallising honey.

Ribbon Blenders provide rapid blending of dry powders and granular products. Typical applications include blending of powder ingredients, fruit and nut mix, cereals, dried potato mix, cocoa blends etc.

Z Arm Mixers are designed for rapid blending of very viscous “paste” type products. Typical applications include blending of muesli bar ingredients, mixing date paste based products, making cookie dough, and mixing the coloured layers for liquorice allsorts.