Western Engineering was originally founded in the 1960's as a general engineering company frequently servicing the paint and surface costings manufacturers in the local area. Richard Tohill and his wife Jody acquired the business in 1996.

Richard is passionate about manufacturing and set about transforming the company into a manufacturing engineering company. He identified that mixing, blending and agitation equipment was not being well serviced by local engineering companies so he saw this as an opportunity to develop this market.

With that in mind he formed a relationship with Mixtec of South Africa, one of the world’s most successful and respected engineering companies providing mixing solutions. This allowed Western Engineering to manufacture and establish Mixtec mixers in New Zealand as the predominant supplier of mixing and agitation equipment.

With well over 5,000 units delivered to satisfied customers in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands, Western Engineering’s Mixtec mixers, blenders, agitators, high speed dispersers, emulsifiers and dry powder blenders have proved to be efficient, reliable and have a low total cost of ownership.