Designs That Cause a Stir

Their designs are backed by computer programs that guide them to a sound engineering solution that ensures mixing throughout the tank, the suspension of any solids off the bottom, that shafts are run below critical speeds and that stresses in the components are within allowable limits. This means the customer gets a mixer that works first time and is designed to give reliable service for many years.

The engineering team has access to the latest Mixtec technology and most mixers are designed in 3D CAD so that they can supply 3D mixer models to their customers. This allows you to see what you are getting and that it fits correctly into the tank. This software also allows them to do FEA (finite element analysis) on any mixers or machine assemblies to check stress and deflection of components. When unusual applications arise, they have access to CFD (computational fluid dynamics) services to confirm the flow within tanks. You can be assured your mixer is designed by competent, well trained and skilled engineers.